It was mentioned to me rightly and on many occasions, that

during the last episode, I made a language mistake

of considerable importance

While speaking about aviation safety when i should’ve talked about aviation security.

Indeed, these are two very different terms.

Safety (sécurité) is the means that are implemented to protect you,
for example from accidents

or bad weather, things like that so.

Building a roof is safety, having a seat-belt is a safety.

While security (sûreté) is actually the means that are implemented, which can be human or material,

to protect you from acts that are voluntary aiming to harm you

Whether it’s an aggression, a theft or a terrorist act.

In this case the porticos to verify that you have no weapons, it is part of the “security”.

In fact, in English, there is a “double meaning” (faux-ami) with this thing.

Since in English “la sécurité” (security) is “safety”,
While “la sûreté” (safety) is …


Double meaning

Digression n°02 – While waiting for the sequel

Moreover in English, they’re not left at this kind of thing.

In particular there’s one that makes me laugh, that is,

in English like in French

They often “misuse” the word “‘literally”, which means “littéralement” in french

That is to say “figuratively”

They can say in English :
“Ah i literally blew up when i hear that.”

While the guy that said that didn’t blow up literally.

But it took such a magnitude

that it has now made it’s way to the dictionary.

Which means that in the English dictionary

one of the meanings of “literally” (“littéralement” in French)

means “figuratively”, which is the opposite of “literally”.

And that has a name , when a word

is so ambiguous

that it can mean one thing and it’s opposite,
that name is “enantiosemy”

For example in French if i say : “I rent my car”

Does it mean that i’m paying someone

in order for him to lend me a car , or does it mean that

i’m lending my car to someone that is giving me money

And also a “host” is someone that receives you or someone that is received at your home ?


That is all, it was just a LITTLE tiny digression

While waiting for the…


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